Tower Dryers

During harvest, it is essential to have the most efficient and reliable machinery to dry your grain. Tower dryers feature grain inverters that allows for easy heat recovery that is evenly distributed, convenient hopper bottom unload, self cleaning divider floors, and fans located inside the grain column for quiet operation. 

Michigan Agri-Systems proudly partners with GSI to supply the highest quality equipment for your grain drying needs. You can rely on our over 40 years of combined industry knowledge and experience to ensure that your equipment is installed to spec and ready to perform for years to come.


Michigan Agri-Systems can service or install new electric motors on all of your vital grain system equipment.

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  • Capacities/HR – Up To 10,000 BPH Dry & Cool @ 5 Pt. Removal
  • Operation Type – Dry/Cool
  • Fuel – LP or Natural Gas
  • Electrical – 3 Phase
  • Grain Inverters – Eliminate over drying and maximize drying efficiency
  • Vacuum Cool Heat Recovery – Reuse the dryer’s heat and minimize debris build-up


Tower dryer is assembled in modules at the factory and shipped to the site for assembly. This option delivers improved overall fit, dependability, and speed of installation.

Building On-Site
Traditional “Stick Built” units have been a long standing industry standard for larger tower dryers. A viable option for custom builds.

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